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Over 10 million Americans have received LASIK treatment since its Food and Drug Administration approval inand there are aboutadditional surgeries every year.

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The myopia with itself has advanced and refined, sending patient satisfaction rates soaring. While other techniques for refractive vision correction emerge, LASIK — which stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis — remains not only valid, but still the best option for many people seeking freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

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The doctors at Beverly Hills Institute of Ophthalmology are specialists in this corrective eye surgery. The procedure starts with myopia with creation of an access flap in the cornea so your surgeon can reshape the inner cornea using an excimer laser. This ultraviolet laser removes extremely small amounts of corneal tissue, creating a flatter or steeper cornea as needed for your vision correction.

The flap is replaced and heals quickly.

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You receive local anesthetic in the form of eyedrops and possibly a mild sedative to help you relax. A lid speculum, made steady with a suction ring, holds open your eyelid. Your surgeon makes the corneal flap and then performs precise adjustments matching your eyesight prescription with the aid of a computer.

Myopia hyperopia astigmatism The majority of people wear this type of contact lenses. These type of vision correction is just as effective with toric contacts as wearing eyeglasses. Contact Lenses for the Correction of Presbyopia: Bifocal contact lenses serve as a vision correction for presbyopia the inability of the eyes myopia hyperopia astigmatism sharply focus close by. Color-toned Cosmetic Contact Lenses: Color-toned cosmetic contact lenses are normal spherical lenses which have a special coloring in their interior layer — the colored layer perfectly blends into the eye color, but számítógépes látásteszt comes into contact with myopia hyperopia astigmatism eyes. The custom tinted layer highlights or myopia with completely changes the light or dark colored myopia with, even if the person have a perfect vision.

The active reshaping portion of your treatment lasts about 5 minutes for each eye. You look at a target while the laser does its work. LASIK recovery You rest myopia with a short time after your procedure, and your surgeon checks your condition and then sends you home.

Some discomfort, such as itching or burning, is normal right after your procedure, and this typically passes quickly. Your eyesight may be hazy or blurry immediately after the surgery, too. This usually clears by the next morning.

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Avoid strenuous work or activity for about a week to permit proper healing of the corneal flap. While some people can return to work the next day, a few days of rest is generally advised. Because of the popularity of LASIK surgery, there are price-based myopia with called LASIK mills that will treat anyone who is willing to pay, regardless of their suitability for the procedure.

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The caregivers at Beverly Hills Institute of Ophthalmology are eye care professionals, with thousands of LASIK procedures performed, and they represent your safest choice for corrective eye surgery. Call your most convenient location in Beverly Hills or Torrance, California, or use the online booking tools to arrange your initial consultation today. You Might Also Enjoy

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